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Atria Nöt Skuret 10% Tärnat ca4kg

2078400800009 Atria Suomi Oy
Sales unit:
Sales amount:
4  KG
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VAT %:
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Product type:
Order product
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Product details
Origin of product
Country of manufacture Finland 
Origin of ingredients
Beef Percentage of ingredient : 100 
Rearing : Finland 
Nutritional properties
Free from allergen(s) Cereals containing gluten and its derivatives 
Oat and oat products 
Barley and barley products 
Rye and its derivatives 
Spelt and spelt products 
Wheat and its derivatives 
Fish and their derivatives in the product, 
Lupine and their derivatives in the product, 
Milk and its derivatives 
Almond and almond products 
Eggs and their derivatives in the product 
Molluscs and its derivatives 
Tree nuts and its derivatives 
Cashew and cashew products 
Hazelnut and hazelnut products 
Peanuts and its derivatives 
Pistachio and pistachio products 
Walnut and walnut products 
Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfits 
Sesame seeds or its derivatives 
Celery or its derivatives 
Mustard or its derivatives 
Soybeans and its derivatives 
Crustaceans and their derivatives 
Natural Source of Sodium Salt 
Energy content (kJ) 700  kJ
Energy content (kcal) 160  kcal
fat, total 9.5  g
fatty acids, total saturated 5.1  g
Carbohydrates 0  g
fibre 0  g
Protein 20  g
Salt 0.1  g
Carbohydrates of which lact. 0  g
Brand Name Atria 
Full description (Fin) Atria Nauta Leikko 10% n4kg 
Full description (Swe) Atria Nöt Skuret 10% Tärnat ca4kg 
Full description (Eng) Atria Beef Trimming 90/10 Cubes ca4kg 
Packaging label Goods from Finland Blue Swan 
Packaging type code Packed, unspecified 
Supplier identification code 4008 
Trade Item Regulation Type Code Animal id health mark 
Consumer storage instructions (fin) Säilytys alle +6 °C 
Consumer storage instructions (swe) Förvaring under +6 °C 
Consumer storage instructions (eng) Storage temperature under +6 °C 
Minimum storage handling temperature 5  °C
Maximum storage handling temperature 8  °C
Always check the product information on the packaging.

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